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    Hud CsGo
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    Проблемы с ЛОГом 11.11.21

    [19:42:20 397] [Game] File was deleted by antivirus '\bin\stdshader_dbg.dll' Disable antivirus. Or add the game folder to exception or exclude list in antivirus settings.
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    Слеповая граната

    The delay in flash is due to the Anti-Cheat on server.
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    What steps did you try ? Upload the wallpaper.

    What steps did you try ? Upload the wallpaper.
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    Очень мало серверов в поиске

    I face different issue related to ClientMod Network. Servers with low ping or servers nearest to me take longer to appear in the Server Browser. I am not sure if same happens for everyone, but it does happen to me and some of my friends who have reported this to me multiple times.
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    Cant connect to client mod server even with internet access

    Long Story Short went wrong. .
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    Dark Theme GUI for CM v3

    Good job. Looks beautiful now.
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    does this client include the game?

    Yes, this client includes game. But the game version is v34. Steam CSS and ClientMod are separate versions of the game. Don't mix them together.
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    2 errors when starting the client

    Make sure to disable your antivirus.
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    Mcaffe detects me something

    It is Normal.
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    plz create hub ;)

    That will cost a lot of money. It might be possible, if there are lot of contributions from around the world. Community servers are keeping the players engaged for now.
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    Installing Sourcemod on listen server.

    There is no way to install Metamod and Sourcemod on CMLauncher. If you just want Deathmatch feature, try using below commands : "se_respawn_on_death" "1" "mp_ignore_round_win_conditions" "1" If you want a proper deathmatch server with random spawns, set up a dedicated server. 1. Download...
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    Problems with flashbang and smoke

    I think he means to say, If someone throws flash behind your back, it still blinds you as if it was thrown in front of the player's vision.
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    Ayuda para cargar un servidor a client mod

    You might have clientmod_private 0 somewhere in your cfg files (For example: server.cfg). Make sure in cfg/sourcemod/clientmod.cfg, clientmod_private is 1. Or just put it in server.cfg.