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  1. SL@Y3R

    [CSS|CSGO|ANY?] SLAYER-Advance Stats v1.3.5

    [CSS|CSGO|ANY?] SLAYER-Advance Stats Description : This plugin shows round stats at the end of the map. Also, Show Map Stats at the End of the Map. It shows the winning team, MVP player with kills, damage, and hits. Also, show the most knife kills by which player. Also Show Most Headshot...
  2. SL@Y3R

    [CSS] Admin Glowing Player Skin

    The Color of Skin changes if you view it from different angles.
  3. SL@Y3R

    [CSS/CSGO] VIP by R1KO with Modules in ENG

    VIP by R1KO with Modules in ENG Description: Give Player Amazing Features. This VIP plugin is made by R1KO. The Original VIP plugin is in the Russian Language I convert it to the English Language. I also test all modules in CSS v34 Windows Server. This VIP Support 60+ Modules. Modules List...
  4. SL@Y3R

    [CSS/CSGO] SLAYER-Noscope

    [CSS/CSGO] SLAYER-Noscope Description: I create this simple plugin for CSS/CSGO. This plugin allow players to noscope when they want. Admin (with specific flag) can also force players to Noscope. You can also block Knife Damage during noscope when admin force players to noscope. Support...
  5. SL@Y3R

    [CSS/CSGO/ANY?] SLAYER Custom MVP Anthem (Kento_MVP)

    [CSS/CSGO/ANY?] SLAYER Custom MVP Anthem (Kento_MVP) Description: Allow player to set Custom MVP Anthem. I ported this CSGO MVP Plugin to CSS. And also added new features to it. I hope you Like it :) New Features: 1. Announcement of playing MVP Anthem both in Chat and Hint Messages...