Help me with this error :)


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Hi,I have been playing CSS since 2019,when the Client Mod was recommended to me.
The Client was always throwing me errors,but when I uninstalled it and installed it again they seemed to get fixed.
But so far this year,the game only throws me this error,I searched several forums and videos and found no solution.
The error always came out before, but with a few minutes of waiting I could play again.
The problem is that now I only get this error,I don't know if it's a problem with my connection or my computer.
I wanted to know if it is the Client Mod and if it has a solution, thanks.
By the way I don't know English and I use the translator,if this is something wrong is because of that xd
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this happens when the client loses connection to the server. the only problem that the client can create with a poor or weak Internet connection is content sharing in the launcher settings, it is recommended to disable it. When you have this problem, look in the console, most likely the network (the shared network for clientmod, whose tags are marked in green) is also having problems and is trying to reconnect.