Parachute (v34 CRASH FIX)


To Everyone who uses sm_parachute plugin on a v34 server and plays this kinda maps: Deathrun/Jail/Mg/Aim
there is a chance that your server will crash
how?: the sm_parachute plugin is designed to remove the parachute from the game world when you die but if you hold the parachute key (E) and go through any kind of env_explosion that can kill you there will be 20% chance that the server will crash (it uses RemoveEdict and for some reason after couple of times it crashes the server with not a single code saying that the problem is from sm_parachute), yesterday i came with the idea of fixing the plugin and now instead of the parachute being removed from the game world it will set the render to [255 255 255 0] when you die,
the funny part about this bug is that everyone thought it was a v34 issue but no that's the sm_parachute plugin for years servers would try to block the access to the env_explosions on mg/deathrun maps (if they had sm_parachute plugin) but now its not needed
now i did not test this on a high pop server because i don't have one but one thing is for sure when i tested the old sm_parachute it crashed after 5 times on deathrun_iceworld_v2 (the place where snowmen explode) and it crashed but with this plugin i tried it 25 times and it did not crash

some people said they couldn't compile this but i did with a SM 1.8 version

also something else: many people in v34 when they go into the water they crash this is a problem with kac_wallhack being set to 1 and if you want to get rid of this problem there are two ways: 1.Play with ClientMod 2.tell the server owner to disable the kac_wallhack on those maps