Subscriptions and launcher binding

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1. Choose your subscription at
2. Link your boosty account to Discord and join the ClientMod Discord channel. (It is not necessary to install the Discord client, just use the web version)
3. Register on this forum (write to ClientMod Discord if you have problems with email confirmation)
4. Link your forum account to your Discord (Attention! It can take up to 2 hours to update the roles to access the subscription features!)
5. Go to your profile on the forum to the Launcher binding tab.
6. Click the Generate Token button.
7. Copy the resulting token, go to the launcher, paste the copied token and click associate.
7.5. Restart launcher.
8. The token field should disappear, the avatar and information about your account from the forum should appear. (The Client uses avatars only from the forum)

If after all your actions the token field has not disappeared, then something went wrong.
Report it on the ClientMod Discord channel!

Unfortunately, it was not possible to come up with a simpler binding. If you think otherwise, you can share your ideas on the ClientMod Discord channel.
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