Custom background


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Hey guys, this a making of a custom backgound

Stuff youre gonna need:
Notepad++ (or similar)
Image (downloaded or photoshop)

1st. Create a .html
This is easy, you go with notepad of windows, write anything and save it with .html
and well done, you made a html file

2st. Open the html file with notepad++
Copy and paste this
<!DOCTYPE html>

<img src="image.jpg" width="1024px" height="768"/>


The resolution depends of you such as the image. Make sure u edit the filename extension,
if our image is png or jpg then put it with the filename.
When you've done, save the file as custom.html on this location and replace the default file.


Put your original image in that folder and make a copy of your image and name it as esperies
to replace it for the default.

Thats all, this is my first post so any advive for redaction is welcome.