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  • Added the cl_use command as an analog or to bypass blocking of the server command use.
  • Other minor fixes.
  • Added console informing if any of the sprays fail to display.
  • Added e_disable_anim_blending command to disable smoothing of player animation transitions, which helps to slightly improve hit registration.
  • Added server commands se_scoreboard_teamname_t and se_scoreboard_teamname_ct to set team names in the score table only.
  • Added e_scope_blur_standing command to control sniper scope blur in standing position. (by default it does not blur now)
  • Added e_scope_blur_bob command to control wiggling when sniper scope blur is enabled.
  • Added e_scope_clean command to clean dirt from the sniper scope.
  • Fixed playback of large demo pov.
  • Fixed sounds disappearing if the player did not download custom sounds from the server.
  • Fixed crash on some maps after one of the last updates.
  • Fixed cl_minmodels command working on ERROR models.
  • Fixed automatic rewind bug when starting a demo.
  • Improved ragdoll creation on bad servers.
  • Accidentally allowed to hear players voices during active flash sound.
  • Other minor fixes.
  • Improved performance of the game.
  • Reduced number of microfreezes.
  • Fixed the work of triggers on the local server.
  • Fixed rare crash of some maps on local server.
  • Added skins from the new csgo case - Anubis, which includes 19 skins.
  • Added stickers from the csgo majors - Paris 2023.
  • Improved option "Shader almost like v34".
  • Minor fixes.
  • Added P2000 to replace USP using inventory. (as it is, no silencer)
  • Added Bizon to replace the P90 using the inventory.
  • Added skins from the new csgo case - Revolution, which includes 17 community skins.
  • Added stickers from the new csgo capsule - Espionage (in inventory Community 2022), which includes 21 community stickers.
  • Updating Chromium Embedded Framework to version 103.0.5060.134.
  • Added notification if there is not enough free disk space to update or run the game.
  • Improved ragdolls system, fixed bugs.
  • Added e_ragdoll_type command to switch between CM (enhanced v34), steam or v34 type of ragdolls. See command description.
  • Interpolation is now correctly disabled when really needed.
  • Fixed console warning thrown up for too old graphics cards which could not work correctly with inventory gloves.
  • Fixed and improved system for downloading files from servers. The client now automatically ignores files that are useless to it.
  • Minor performance optimizations on dead players.
  • Stickers have been added to the inventory.
This is a pre-release version in honor of the new year.
The usability and performance of the sticker menu will be improved next year.
  • Fully reworked inventory interface, added new functionality and settings.
  • Added ability to change aspect ratio without changing game resolution in video settings. (in other words, you can have an overview at any resolution, such as 1280x1024)
  • Added a notification about using an unsupported game resolution and a solution to this problem.
  • Added a couple of old commands to the ClientMod settings menu for easier access.
  • Fixed the work of glove skins from the inventory on older graphics cards with minor limitations.
  • Fixed false positive kick by some kind of anticheat on faulty servers.
  • Fixed crash when changing graphics settings with flashlight on.
  • Fixed holes in maps due to enabled antialiasing.
  • Fixed work of proxy color and alpha of materials.
  • Fixes in demo play mode.
  • Fixed crash when changing maps on local server for some systems.
  • Fixed non working setting of the fixed radar.
  • Fixed the display of victory conditions in the web version of the scoreboard.
  • Automatizated the solution to problems caused by viruses or system malfunctions.
  • More optimization with a large number of players on the servers.
  • Vulkan updated. More fps, more stability.
  • Removed the need to install DirectX distributions.
  • The browser on the large scale of the Launcher now works correctly again.
  • Removed the need to install DirectX distributions.
  • Fixed image freezing when anti-aliasing is enabled in windowed mode.
  • The mat_potato_mode command now correctly overrides the shader quality setting.
  • Added skins from the new csgo case - the Recoil Case, which includes 17 community skins.
  • Significantly improved Opus codec quality for voice chat.
  • Fixed voice_overdrive command.
  • When recording a demo, missing folders are now automatically created.
  • Replacing voice chat from SDL2 with PortAudio.
  • Various improvements to voice chat.
  • Minor cosmetic fixes to the inventory models rendering.
  • Inventory models are no longer cached when you enter the server, thereby temporarily reducing the performance of the game.
  • Improved the sounds of skins, to be more in line with the standard CS:S.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the sound system due to enabled sounds in skins.
  • Fixed the initial position of the tracer.
  • Fixed flashlight shadows.
  • Fixed incorrect display of loss and choke with e_netgraph 1
  • Fixed the modified voice chat volume not working properly.
  • Voice chat now uses SDL2, which makes the sound a bit cleaner and removes minor bugs of the old DirectSound.
  • Added skin shader from csgo. (disable by command mat_phong_clientmod 0)
  • Added temporary command e_inventory_sounds to enable sounds from csgo. (1 - only for yourself. 2 - for all players, depending on inventory.)
  • Added a command to turn on the sound of running out of ammo e_weapon_near_empty_sound.
  • Updated m4a1 models from csgo.
  • Optimized cpu consumption of the browser thread.
  • Added support for sound operator stacks.
  • Added chat history restriction.
  • Added all knives, weapons and their skins from csgo. (weapons half finished)
  • Added +lookatweapon command to inspect csgo knives and weapons.
  • Weapon script substitution has been fixed, which will pinpoint idiots who complain about bad hit registration.
  • Removed the mat_compressedtextures command.
  • vpk.exe now works again.
  • Fixed models of the gloves..
  • Fixed lighting of skin models.
  • Other minor fixes.
  • Fixed downloading files directly from the server, including sprays of other players.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.
  • Added se_voice_opus server command to enable Opus voice codec, bypassing sv_voicecodec command from unscrupulous hosts.
  • Fixed the mouse inversion setting. (use m_pitch 0.022 command to fix up-down movements)
  • Fixed memory leakage caused by constantly trying to find a non-existent .ani file from a model.
  • Added inventory.
  • Added a temporary command e_inventory_skin_seed to change the coloring pattern of gloves.
  • Added a temporary command e_inventory_skin_wear to change the wear step of gloves.
  • Added a temporary command e_inventory_hands_skin to change the skin of the arms.
  • Added google link opening on DirectX error.
  • Added automatic creation of firewall rules.
  • Added CEF function cm.scoreboard.ToggleSpectatorsMute()
  • Added a forced shutdown of the Launcher, if the process of shutdown took too long.
  • Launcher can now partially update the archives, instead of downloading them completely.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.
  • Added Opus voice codec. Use the sv_voicecodec vaudio_opus command to activate it on your server.
  • Added a menu item in the video settings to display all available and inaccessible resolutions.
  • For the stable operation of the engine, the fps_max command with a value of 0 is now always overridden by a value of 1000.
  • The rcon_address command now works correctly when switching to another server.
  • Game elements based on frame time are now displayed correctly when using the fps_render command. (e.g., sight animations, tracers, or particles)
  • Files downloaded directly from the server (not fastdl) are now written to the correct download directory.
  • Sound cache files are no longer created if there is nothing to write to them.
  • Changing the value of the sv_skyname command now dynamically changes the skybox on the client.
  • Repackaged shaders in a new format, which gives an increase in speed of their loading up to 100%.
  • Increased speed of reading files from compressed vpk archives.
  • Inventory has been removed from the game.
  • Fixed the disappearance of weapons in the hands when cl_threaded_animation is enabled.
  • Fixed wrong starting position of server tracer when player is not in line of sight.
  • Fixed hiding the hud from the server side with m_iHideHUD.
  • The time of existence of the shells casings has been significantly reduced. (from 10 to 1 second)
  • Disabled creation of shells by other players. (can be turned back on using e_disable_shells 0)
  • Added cl_threaded_animationcommand (disabled by default) to increase performance when playing on servers with a large number of players.
    • The command is still a test one, but there should be no bugs. It is recommended to use a CPU with 4 or more cores.
    • In tests the increase is from 10% to 90%, depending on the situation. In gameplay, however, it is difficult to catch even half of this increase.
  • Other minor optimizations.

    These changes show themselves best on zombie servers.
    In the heaviest test action scene the performance increase was 58%.
  • Fixed reset the player mute on the servers where the player's steam id are hashed.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.
  • Recording pov demos is now stable. Finally.
  • Added e_voice_mute_all command to mute all players.
  • The new smoke is now automatically disabled if there is even one player without ClientMod in the game teams.
  • Added a tooltip to activate the cursor in the scoreboard.
  • Added the ability to mute spectators through the scoreboard.
  • Added e_voice_mute_spectators command to mute spectators.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.
  • Added a new memory manager.
  • Optimized memory consumption.
  • Profile optimization has been applied, giving up to 15% performance gain.
  • Disabled dynamic lighting of other players' flashlights.
  • Fixed the wrong appearance of the weapon after it's dropped on the local server.
  • Fixed a radar leak that was causing performance drops with each new round until a map change was made.
  • Updating Chromium Embedded Framework to custom version 95.0.4638.54.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.
  • Cumulative update to prepare the client for further development of the inventory manager.
  • Changed and supplemented the message when kicking from the server.
  • Fixed local server search.
  • Fixed sound unloading when changing map.
  • Fixed menu freezing during its opening.
  • Fixed texture displacement in sv_pure mode.
  • Fixed lighting of the next triggered map if the previous map had no lighting sources.
  • Minor optimizations and improvements.
  • Chromium Embedded Framework update to custom version 90.0.4430.212 with true GPU acceleration.
  • Added partial and full browser GPU acceleration.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.
  • Added full support for GPU browser acceleration, which significantly reduces the load on the CPU. (provided that GPU acceleration is enabled).
  • Optimized the browser and added adaptive fps change. When the game's fps is lower than the browser's fps, the browser's fps is reduced, which allows for better load balancing.
  • Fixed undefined behavior on Win7 that would cause a complete freeze when entering any character while the spectator menu is open.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.
  • Until now, GPU acceleration of the browser was only a convention and even increased CPU consumption.
  • Since google developers, for one reason or another, do not support full-fledged GPU acceleration of their browser framework, other developers have to get out of this situation by themselves, up to using earlier versions of Chromium Embedded Framework.
  • While searching for a solution to the problem, I came across one solution that helped to add GPU acceleration to a newer version of the browser.
  • The problem is really not new and many developers including Valve and OBS Studio, whom I saw in one of the discussions, are still sitting on old versions of the browser simply because newer versions no longer have acceleration.
  • I hope that this update will fit in perfectly with the client and allow more efficient use of the browser.
  • Added setting to enable Vulkan API in the game.
  • Added a setting to control browser hardware acceleration.
  • Various fixes and improvements.
  • Added a new menu. New instructions on how to install custom backgrounds can be found on the forum.
  • Added support for a web browser-based scoreboard. (If you have knowledge of HTML+JS - ask the discord server for information. If you have no knowledge of HTML+JS, wait for someone to post a finished version.)
  • Fixed old bug when a applied DSP preset was not reset and continued to work.
  • Fixed se_scoreboard command.
  • A lot of fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed strong drop of fps while shooting on weak processors.
  • Fixed a minor drop in fps when the input field from chat should not be displayed.
  • Fixed ESC key lock on cl_drawhud 0
  • The closeonbuy command has been renamed e_closeonbuy
  • With e_closeonbuy 0 the logic of the purchase menu works as in CSGO.
  • Already available weapons are now marked as unavailable in the purchase menu.
  • The current equipment in the purchase menu is now dynamically updated.
  • Fixed memory leak when opening the buy menu.
  • Added closeonbuy command
  • Fixed the cutting of sprays when applying them to flat surfaces.
  • Added an indicator of the status of connection to ClientModNetwork in the scoreboard. (Only for players without an avatar.)
  • Fixed a drop in performance in gunfights with Vulkan enabled.
  • Added e_crosshair_sniper_widthcommand
  • Added e_scope_blur, e_scope_blur_smooth command
  • Added support for Vulkan. Use the -vulkan launch option to activate
  • Optimized browser rendering speed.
  • Reduced memory consumption with d3d9ex disabled.
  • Optimized text rendering, which gives up to 80% performance gain.
  • Fixed permanent display of the cursor after logging into the server.
  • Fixed display of a large number of spectators in the steam version of the scoreboard.
  • Improved death messages of csgo style. All scheme settings have been moved to a file [GAME]\cstrike_clientmod\resource\SchemeDeathnotice.res
  • Added m_rawinput_directinput command to activate DirectInput mode.
  • Added support for the NoScope icon in death messages.
  • Added support for extended death messages when playing on a local server.
  • Added the ability to specify several types of fonts in the schema configuration, separating the names with a comma.
  • Added checking for font conflicts. If a problem is detected, a corresponding notification with the name of the font and an option to automatically fix the problem will be displayed in the console.
  • Fixed a large number of small memory leaks.
  • Fixed the work of the hud_reloadscheme command. Since the command can still give unexpected results, so use it strictly when creating customizations of the hud.
  • Added support for KeyHintText.
  • Fixed a rare bug with missing ClientMod icon in the scoreboard.
  • Fixed constant flickering of shadows if there were too many shadows displayed on the screen.
  • Fixed global overriding of sounds by unscrupulous servers through the maps/MapName_level_sounds.txt files.
  • Fixed premature disappearance of rounded corners of GUI elements.
  • Fixed incorrect logic of keyboard settings work.
  • Fixed html custom background hiding if only the main menu is selected, which makes it possible to detect hiding of the browser window using js.
  • Fixed sending keystrokes to the browser.
  • Improved browser render performance when multithreaded renderer is enabled.
  • The game now correctly detects left and right Shift, Ctrl, Alt.
  • More detailed revision of fonts in the scoreboards.
  • Added se_respawn_on_death command to respawn players after death. Use mp_ignore_round_win_conditions 1 command to ignore round ending when time runs out or the whole team is killed.
  • Improved scoreboards based on reviews.
  • Added clan tags for subscription owners to scoreboard and death messages. Look for the new setting in the main game settings.
  • Redesign of clientmod and steam versions of the scoreboard. The new scheme is moved to a separate file.
  • Renamed cl_scoreboard_* commands to e_scoreboard_*
  • The e_scoreboard_* commands now affect the clientmod scoreboard.
  • Fixed a math error that prevented doors from opening on some maps.
  • Optimized cpu usage while rendering player models.
  • Optimized cpu usage while culling shadows.
  • Applied an experimental fix for interpolation in stv demos.
  • SSE2 optimization was applied for all libraries. This has been a problem in the past, maybe it will be better this time.
  • Improved new animation for weapon bobbing. All commands have been moved to the e_bob* prefix. The default values are taken from csgo.
  • Improved the operation of interpolation.
  • Fixed accumulating errors of the interpolation depending on the duration of the launched map.
  • Fixed switching of sprays in settings via keyboard buttons.
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) comes back.
  • Listening to events is now sent less frequently.
  • Fixed a crash in the browser's partial render system.
  • Fixed the issue of disappearing text in chat.
  • Added a partial browser rendering system.
  • Improved performance for people with a subscription, which may also affect the game.
  • Chromium Embedded Framework update to version 89.0.4389.72
  • Updated Spanish localization.
  • The jpeg command can now be executed from the server side again.
  • Clients icons from 02-26-2021 are now marked in blue in scoreboard. All others are red.
  • Client physics now runs at fixed 100 frames.
  • The rule for shortening long nicknames in death messages has been improved.
  • Improved browser performance using the partial render system.
  • The client now sends only unique events for listening.
  • Added the Character shader.
  • Updated Spanish localization.
  • Errors downloading files from the server will now always be displayed in the console.
  • The list of supported font characters has been significantly expanded.
  • Fixed skip of unknown font characters in FreeType mode.
  • Fixed periodic updating of information when the scoreboard is open.
  • Fixed players connecting to the listen server.
  • Reworked and improved the system for identifying players on servers.
At the time of testing, avatars are available to everyone, but after testing they will be available only to subscribers.
  • Added avatars for players who linked its client to the players forum.
  • Added coloring of the CM icon in scoreboard. (Color coding: Cheater and Old client)
  • Added Profile tab to link your client to the forum. You can read more details in the tab itself.
  • Fixed and improved display of ClientMod Connect window.
  • Other minor cosmetic changes and fixes.
  • * _Minmodels commands no longer work for players who have a non-player model. For example a crate model.
  • Fixed incorrect creation of ragdolls that would break all ragdoll physics.
  • The response time has been increased when searching for local servers.
  • Added original server query system so that client can correctly locate running local servers from ClientMod client.
  • When entering the game, there will now be no situations when the menu is not displayed in cases where the previous launch of the game was not completely completed.
  • Added strange LAN tab to ServerBrowser.
  • Sprays on import are now converted to VTF v7.2.
  • Fixed operation of the OnPlayerPickup event when playing on a local server.
  • Fixed the work of interpolation while viewing demos, if the demo was launched immediately after starting the game.
  • Added a primitive MasterServer with an ever-growing list of servers. To add your server to the list, you just need to launch the current version of the client and make a full connection to the server.
  • Added ClientModNetwork - a system designed to transmit and receive information to a unite dedicated server, which in the future will help to implement such things as avatars, clan tags, skins, etc. Without interacting directly with the game server on which you play. It is worth noting that most of its functions will be available only to Patreon subscribers, since it is they who financially support this system in working order.
  • The system for creating dynamic light from a muzzle flash has been improved.
  • muzzleflash_light now correctly disables all muzzle flash lights.
  • mat_potato_mode now turns off all muzzle flash lights, which in theory could help some players who experience FPS drops in shootouts.
  • Added a slow motion effect for audio, which can be disabled with the command e_sound_timescale 0.
  • Fixed random animation frame skip when deploy weapon. This bug is present in CS:GO
  • Fixed the intensity of dynamic light sources.
  • Fixed objects ignition on the local server.
  • Fixed the disappearance of the world after being blinded by a flash.
  • Fixed sequential demo recording, when incorrect data was recorded after changing the card and the original v34 client could not play the demo correctly.
  • Added a visual hint for the new location of the mod menu.
  • Added the e_showtime and e_showserverinfo commands.
  • Fixed text overlay due to double newline in HintText.
  • Optimization of performance when the screen is completely faded during a flash and in a new smoke.
  • The intensity of the flash has been slightly reduced.
  • The color of the dimming screen from a standard smoke has been restored.
  • Fixed smoke sorting.
  • Fixed the sticky Ctrl key after using the Win + V keyboard shortcut.
  • Added buttons for following links to VK group, Discord server and Patreon.
  • Improved responsiveness when closing the launcher and improved information display during preparation for an update.
  • Reworked tooltips.
  • se_infinite_ammo 1 command no longer consumes grenades.
  • Fixed a bug in sv_pure when connecting to the server with sv_pure did not reload the required textures.
  • Fixed infinite memory leak when trying to play sound with broken cache.
  • Fixed the disappearance of the server's name in the ClientMod's scoreboard when changing the resolution.
  • Fixed game crash when disconnected from the server.
  • Added automatic sound correction when trying to load a broken cache.
  • Added option to advanced video settings "Shader almost like v34"
  • Added option "Chat console" to the mod settings
  • Added option "Sound chat notifications" to the mod settings
  • Added option "New impact effects" to the mod settings
  • Added option "New bobbing animation" to the mod settings
  • Added option "Bullet tracers" to the mod settings
  • Fixed generation of SteamID for some clients.
  • Fixed game crashes when trying to clear the object frame while watching demos.
  • Fixed crash when trying to use an unloaded model.
  • Fixed the standard value of the sv_skyname command, which was used to set the skybox in the case when the client for some reason did not load the skybox which set on the server.
  • Fixed the disappearance of some fonts after enabling the mat_potato_mode command.
  • Fixed work of yuv and unlittwotexture shaders.
  • Changed the message when trying to load a library using an exploit from the server side.
  • Changed messages in case of impossibility to generate SteamID.
  • Added information to the console that the skybox could not be loaded.
  • Added information in the console that the texture of some model could not be loaded.
  • The download file size limit from the server has been removed.

Transferring a client to a new engine:​
  • SourceEngine2007 was taken as the basis, which was adapted to work with v34 servers, then later after a new leak on 04/22/2020, there was a thorough transfer of changes to the existing project.
  • Support of materials version 7.5
  • Support of models from Steam version of CS:S
  • Support for maps from Steam version of CS:S (look in the discord channel of the clientmod for a program for easy porting of maps to your servers)
  • Support of particle system from Steam version of CS:S
  • Support of shaders from Steam version of CS:S
  • Support of Direct3D9Ex, which reduces game memory consumption and speeds up game deployment. Different PCs get different FPS rates. Somewhere they rise, somewhere they fall. See for yourself.
  • Support for multi-threaded rendering
  • In general, everything that the Orange Box engine had had.
  • Support for compressing game archives, that not only reduce the amount of game space occupied, but also promptly warn about damage to their files. On slow systems, the first launch of the game and the connection to the server are faster. That is the reason why your game takes longer to unfold with Direct3D9Ex disabled.
  • Removed support for dx8 and below due to the uselessness and complexity of its support.
  • Added support for se_autobunnyhopping, se_disablebunnyhopping and se_duckfix for the local server.
  • For the local server, added support for raising a weapon on the use button from CS: GO - se_use_weapon_pickup.
  • For the local server, added support for infinite ammo from CS: GO - se_infinite_ammo.
  • Added a command from CS: GO - bot_place for the local server.
  • New commands have been added for the client: e_chat_console, e_chat_sound, e_weapon_tracer, e_viewmodel_new_bob, cl_new_impact_effects, which will later be added to the mod menu.
  • A new command e_demo_show_flash has been added for the client, so that when watching STV demos, you can see how the player was blinded with a flash grenade.
  • Added new command mat_potato_mode. This is a preset of settings for raising FPS on slow PCs. 1 - enable, 2-6 - change only texture quality.
  • Added new command fps_render and new launch parameter -boost. Details in the group vk.com/clientmod
  • Added mat_shader_almostlike_v34 command to switch shaders to 'As v34 client' mode.
  • Added cubemaps with automatic parallax correction mat_parallaxmap_cubemap. It's not perfect, but it is what it is.
  • Added new main menu.
  • Added an automatic fix for cube maps if they were broken due to map renaming.
  • Added passive client protection, which reduces the overall CPU performance of the game by 15% compared to the original v34 clients and its Steam counterpart.
  • Improved prediction of movements while playing on the servers.
  • Improved sv_pure system.
  • Removed the whitelist of exploits used by some servers.
  • Improved overall client stability.
  • Release p2p method of exchanging content between clients.
The corresponding option has been added to the settings tab.​
Also, it is recommended to disable p2p everyone who has:​
  • Mobile, ADSL or Wi-Fi internet connection.
  • Slow hard drive. (when loading to the main menu and connecting to the server takes longer than brewing a tea bag).
  • If you have lower than (quad core) processor (by default it automatically checks and disables).
  • Testing p2p connections before the full release of a new method for obtaining game archives.
  • The launcher can now be installed in the folder where the game was previously installed, but for some reason the launcher was removed.
  • Rebuilded CEF for fix a bug that previously had to roll back the version.
  • Workaround of ancient bug CEF, when returning to the window did not continue rendering.
  • Slightly reduced the CPU consumption of the launcher child processes.
  • Fixed rare error url protocol.
  • Another attempt to update Chromium Embedded Framework to version 85.0.4183.102
  • Connection via url can now correctly handle hosts clientmod://connect/myhost.net[:<port>][/<password>]
  • Added the ability to change the download server from the settings tab. The server automatically changes to the next one and is saved if the selected one is unavailable.
  • Google is bad: rolling back Chromium Embedded Framework to version 81.0.4044.113
  • Updated Chromium Embedded Framework to version 85.0.4183.83
  • Added the ability to connect to servers by url clientmod://connect/<IP>[:<port>][/<password>]
  • Minor bugfixes.
  • Added more information when errors occur during updates.
  • Updated Spanish localization.
  • Fixed the position of the player's mute button in a new scoreboard.
  • Significantly increased accuracy of prediction of strafe when a player is in the air.
  • Fixed broken interpolation in pov demo, which led to incorrect animation of players.
  • Fixed saving history in the server browser when the player entered the server earlier before openings the server browser window.
  • The false detection of a virus in the server browser library was fixed, due to which players encountered errors in its operation.
  • The new scoreboard now displays the presence of a client mod at the player.
  • The server browser will now inform into the console if it encounters any problems in operation.
  • Update Chromium Embedded Framework to 81.0.4044.113
  • Library updates and compilation for vs2019
  • Minor bugfixes.
  • Minor bugfixes.
  • Removed dependency on Visual C++ libraries and Windows updates
  • Minor bugfixes.
  • Fixed search for files embedded in the map.
  • The bug of projecting light from a flashlight onto objects has been fixed.
  • Fixed frames drop when opening the chat window.
  • Added the ability to install on top of an already installed launcher.
  • Fixed performance issues when using scaling.
  • Other bugs fixed and stability improved.
  • Players no longer reset interpolation when teleporting a short distance.
  • Minor bugfixes.
  • Added activity tab where you can see where everyone is currently playing.
  • Added launcher scale setting.
  • Bugs fixed and stability improved.
  • Fixed incorrect determination of the number of characters in fonts.
  • Fixed a bug that led to the absence of the sound of the first shot on the pistols if the player switched to it after a shot from the primary weapon.
  • Fixed search for files in VPK archives, if typos in file paths are present on the map.
  • Additional information was added for the error Platform Error: bad module 'serverbrowser.dll', not loading
  • Added command e_web_zoom to adjust the scale in a web browser
  • Added command m_rawinput_optimized for optimization raw input: 0 - original. 1 - minor optimization. 2 - minor optimization and every move is immediately processed by the game.
  • Potential fix for twitching camera after respawn.
  • Potential fix for interpolation when player teleporting through the entire map.
  • Fixed a rare bug displaying equipment in spectator mode.
  • Fixed crash when trying to load a damaged texture.
  • Fixed a bug where the killed player was respawn and continued to be displayed on the radar until the icon of the place of death disappears.
  • Improved display of text in death messages out CSGO.
  • Reduced memory consumption by ~100mb.
  • Performance improved.
  • New design, improved navigation and bug fixes.
  • When installing, you can now create a shortcut on your desktop.
  • The winter theme of the logo will remain until someone comes up with a new one..
  • All his work is transferred to the launcher, which gives better stability and performance.
  • The location of the cache files has been changed, now everything is tied to the username. In this regard, cookies and authorization on sites have been reset. This change will achieve better performance on systems where the game and Windows are on different HDDs.
  • Fixed work of comands e_viewmodel_* and other minor fixes.
  • Removed maximum threshold on e_crosshair_spread command..
  • Corrected the values for the crosshair preview in the settings.
  • Minor bugfixes.
  • Updated Chromium Embedded Framework to version 79.0.3945.36
  • Unreliable ad block for YouTube is now disabled by default. Use e_web_ad_block 1 to enable it.
  • Fixed bugs in the radar works.
  • Removed display of scenario icon in spectator mode.
  • Added automatic shutdown of additional screen effects if a new smoke is enabled and FPS drops below 100.
  • Minor bugfixes of motd browser work.
  • Fixed random coloring of the chat line if a player entering one of the teams.
  • Added more information and tips for various errors.
  • Updated Discord SDK.
  • Fixed creation of empty folders in the cstrike folder during file downloads from the server.
  • Fixed the work of VPK archives in the cstrike_custom folder.
  • Fixed reading configs that were more than 8192 characters.
  • Increased effects buffer from 32768 to 65535.
  • Optimization of web browser.
  • Fixed a bug where the player’s health bar was not displayed on the radar if he had more than 100 health.
  • Optimization of mouse raw input.
  • Fixed mouse keys bug if the player exit from main menu without use ESC key.
  • Fixed displaying of the score in the spectator mode.
  • CreateMove Now sends mousedx mousedy correctly.
  • Minor bugfixes.
  • Added commands e_viewmodel_right e_viewmodel_up to change the position of the weapon.
  • Added new icons of death notice.
  • Fixes of the server browser and file system.
  • Fixed rare errors during the update process.
  • Added search by server name.
  • Fixed file system crash when output an error window.
  • The smooth zoom's been returned.
  • Added smooth recovery of the sight after recoil.
  • Because all VPK files are revised this update is so large.

    Rework file system:
  • Added full support of VPK files.
  • Added folder cstrike_custom for more flexible installation of mods. (like on Steam)
  • The cstrike folder is no longer a priority for searching modification files and is used last.
  • The fonts can be changed now.
  • The PLAY button can now be pressed before the update check is completed.
  • Added support for custom command names in the scoreboard for server api.
  • HTTP downloads now use the launcher's CURL instead of legacy IE.
  • Fixed loading of the saved table in the browser server.
  • Auto fix of Your map [MAPNAME] differs from the server's.
  • Fixed crash caused by r_maxmodeldecal if it was with a value less than one.
  • Added check for crashes of the KTVAC screenshoter.
  • Return of the original netgraph. (you'll find the old netgraph in the e_netgraph * commands)
  • Crashfixes, bugfixes.
  • Added logo in main menu.
  • The client is now closely connected with the launcher and checks its version before launch.
  • Minor bugfixes.
  • The first step of integration of the discord is gaming activity.
  • Slightly reduced time that is spent on checking for updates.
  • A prevent on starting the game is added if forbidden characters are found in the folder names.
  • Added circle radar.
  • Corrected sizes and colors of the killfeed.
  • The toggleconsole bind now works correctly on any key.
  • Death marks on the radar no longer hide the player’s main points if the server uses fast spawns.
  • Fixed the work of the green radar.
  • Fixed a minor flaw in the prediction.
  • Fixed a rare crash when opening the purchase menu. Sort of.
  • The server information window now closes correctly.
  • A clientmod server filter has been added to the server browser.
  • Added option of the flickering the game window if the client has respawned.
  • Added support for the Chromium Embedded Framework, updated motd, added the possibility of mute. Added web browser.
  • The outdated integration of the discord is disabled, the transition to a new SDK is being in progress.
  • Disabled useless bug report.
  • The windows style of the menu and a chat has been slightly changed.
  • Added detection of invalid characters in the installation path.
  • Added static crosshair.
  • Fixed random crashes.
  • Bugfixes and minor improvement.
  • Fixed a couple more vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed adding to favorites from servers history.
  • Fixed errors in rates work.
  • Modified and supplemented mod settings window.
  • Minor fixes of dumps system.
  • Fixed some vulnerabilities and crashes related with them.
  • The e_mute_losefocus 0 command is no longer crash the game while game start.
  • Minor fixes, corrections and improvements.
  • Fixed systematic crashes.
  • Potential fix lags when shooting.
  • Potential fix rare errors * Could not load library client * at startup.
  • Fixed bugs and flaws in the file system.
  • Fixed and improved sv_pure. Now it works only where necessary.
  • Implemented server search by address when adding to favorites.
  • The new style of death notifications has been improved, the font has been changed.
  • General improvements in game fonts.
  • Increased maximum heap size.
  • Added detection of invalid characters in the installation path.
  • Fixed errors in the settings window work.
  • The bug of launching the game has been fixed if the NOD32 antivirus with the included module * deep behavioral check * was present on the system.
  • Simplified crash dump system. Now it’s enough to send only the information to the developer.
  • Enabled DEP, ASLR и SDL.
  • Hotfix and improved of the new smoke.
  • Added ability to disable dynamic decal scaling. (bullet impact like on Steam)
  • Fixed cases when the closed motd window continued to affect the performance of the game or play music.
  • Revision of server api.
  • Disabled DEP и ASLR.
  • Added -autoplay launch option for autorun of the game.
  • Added launch option -opensettings to open the settings window.
  • Added -params launch option for additional game launch options.
  • Changed the path the graphic settings so as not to conflict with the original game.
  • Added console variable e_netgraph_font_size to change net_graph font size.
  • Added server variable se_lkblox to achieve compatibility with Null Anti-Cheat.
  • Changed background image.
  • Added settings tab.
  • Various edits, fixes.
  • Rework of fixes problems with the mouse on some systems.
  • Prediction errors and various flaws of the Valve are fixed.
  • Added a new animated crosshair mode based on the current weapon scatter.
  • Various bugs in the new scoreboard are fixed, icons are changed, a column with the display of the amount of money is added.
  • Work of UserMessage and HudMsg are fixed, support for HEX colors from Steam version added.
  • Added new smoke controlled by the server.
  • Added color change of progress bar depending on the color of the hud.
  • Added a new style of death notice.
  • Added support for player assists info in death notice.
  • Added console tweak, copying the behavior like in CSGO.
  • Added cvar e_mouse_fix, which allows you to disable mouse fixes for older versions of Win10. (will help in cases where the problem appears only on the clientmod)
  • Added ability to open scoreboard in pov demos.
  • Removed ability to load * .txt weapon scripts.
  • Rates limits increased from 100 to 128.
  • Reworked server browser. New information columns have been added, useless tabs have been removed.
  • Rework file system of the game. Switching to VPK archive format, sv_pure work fixed.
  • Downloads should now be stored in the cstrike_downloads folder.
  • Increased maximum sprite size to 0.5 MB.
  • Added the ability to remove the frame for windowed mode.
  • Added ability to execute jpeg command from server.
  • Added the ability to change the color of the hud.
  • Discord Rich Presence integration is added, which allows not only displaying information, but also inviting to the current server.
  • Added optional crosshair stroke.
  • Added simple cheat check using se_findcheats command.
  • Improved prediction and interpolation.
  • Potential fix for mouse problems on some systems.
  • Client files that are necessary for work have been moved to a separate folder.
  • Fixed motd problem related to Rate Checker plugin.
  • Other minor bugs fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in the game engine, which led to extraneous leaps of the crosshair when playing on Win10 from version 1703 to 1803.
  • Fixed a bug in the game engine, which led to the lagging of mouse buttons when playing on Win10 from version 1703 to 1803.
  • Fixed hiding messages "Fire in the hole" from other players.
  • Radar no more affected by player weapon recoil.
  • Fixed the work of weapon sets in the purchase menu.
  • Fixed crashes if the game window was out of focus during game launch.
  • Chat message "connected" is replaced by "entered the game". (in Russian localization)
  • The chat message "has connect the game" is replaced by "connected". (in Russian localization)
  • Added change of weapon fov.
  • Interpolation lags fixed. (animation lags in demos)
  • Fixed minor bugs in the radar.
  • Fixed display of equip on players while watching demos.
  • Fixed display of the mod menu when the main menu is closed.
  • Added an additional menu in the lower right corner to open the settings windows and notify about updates.
  • Added option "time to explode C4".
  • Added option "time to end of defuse C4".
  • Disabled flash bang effect in SourceTV demo.
  • Added menu for more convenient settings.
  • Added indication of noticed player, when you are in spectator mode.
  • Forced centering of the radar if it does not have a map.
  • The work of the commands of the crosshair, responsible for the thickness, has been slightly changed.
  • The e_crosshair_style command is now responsible for the rainbow crosshair.
  • Fixed crash on Win7 when exiting the game.
  • Fixed crash due to new scoreboard when changing maps.
  • Fixed of many years bugs with the conclusion of information in the chat about the exit or team shifts by the players.
  • Added colors to the chat in accordance with the team when players exit or change teams.
  • Added e_chat_timestamp command to display chat time.
  • Public relese.
  • Bugfixes.
  • Private relese.
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