Are there viruses in the client?

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The game has never had, does not have, and will never have viruses.

Antivirus %name% detected a virus!
  • These are false detections.
    We periodically fight them by sending information to antivirus developers.

What do we do?
  • Disable antivirus.
  • Add the launcher or the game folder to antivirus exceptions.
  • Or simply delete the antivirus, as some users do when it is no longer useful to them.

Can I trust you?
  • The Clientmod has been around for a long time.
    The first versions were created in 2017 as an extension of the functionality of the standard client to improve convenience.
  • We have a paid subscription.
    You won't believe it, but people pay for it. It helps a lot, motivates further refinement and development of new client functions.
  • The client as the main source of income.
    The development is conducted by one person, and thanks to the support of subscribers, it is possible to devote all your free time to your favorite business.
  • Viral activity doesn't make sense.
    Such things do not go unnoticed and quickly provoke complaints with the subsequent churn of users.
    Plus, a colossal amount of effort and time has been invested in the Clientmod, and plans are made for years to come.

So why do false detections happen?
  • That's the way antiviruses work.
    It's an integral part of any antivirus, not to mention various third-party spam filters or anti-cheats.
    They might as well overlook the virus or falsely react to normal applications affected by the virus on the user's system.
  • We even have one stable false detection by Microsoft's antivirus.
    Before every update, we send a file to them to whitelist us.
  • We sometimes have to deal with absurd triggers.
    For example, it triggered on an archive and found an android virus. There was nothing wrong with the files inside.
    Or detection as adware by some antiviruses.

VirusTotal is not a panacea!
  • It's just a handy tool for checking files against one antivirus or another.
  • Experienced users know how to use it, while inexperienced users will only need to see Google: Detected to declare the presence of a virus in a file. If you are from the second group, please stay away from the virustotal site and don't project your stupidity on the rest of us.
  • You can upload a new file to this site, get 3-5 detections, and be surprised to see how in a few days this
    to 15 to 30 detections.
    All because some people inherit each other's detection databases, and some rely on the virustotal itself, periodically restarting file scanning on it to perpetuate their detection.
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